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  1. To impart a thorough knowledge of various core engineering subjects.
  2. To expose the students to the most recent and relevant curriculum and industrial trainings to acquaint to world class corporate technologies and develop interest for higher studies and research works.
  3. To strengthen the students with innovative ideas and build the potential of leadership & teamwork through various projects.
  4. To inhibit strong ethical qualities in the students for lifelong learning and serving the society and nation as a whole.
  5. To develop entrepreneurship skill and mindset amongst students to become future employment providers.

To develop responsible citizens who would "think global and act local" and become the change agents of society to meet the challenges of future.

Quality Policy
  • Best standards and practices of good governance, to be put in place to bring in transparency of operations and improve credibility at all levels.
  • Industry-ready professionals to be developed through Interactive Teaching-Learning Process, Corporate exposure and project work.
  • Higher Studies/research for Faculty & Staff to be encouraged for up gradation of knowledge which would, inter alia, include participation in TEQIPs, Seminar, workshop etc.
  • Appropriate Laboratory facilities would be developed in selected areas to provide fillip for R&D.
  • Industrial consultancy to be carried out in an effective manner through Industry Institute Partnership cell (IIPC) for developing a sense of accomplishment.
  • NBA accreditation for all AICTE approved programmes to be obtained at the earliest and maintained on a long –term basis.
Outcome Based Institutional Objective

To create an environment to empower the students with solid foundation in mathematical, scientific, engineering, managerial, entrepreneurial fundamentals and incorporate research based curriculum thorough establishing continuous wide network with the industries in order to initiate long term academic excellence in the institution.

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